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Basic info you must know about me:

Full name: Chyna Go Ngie
Chinese name: Cai Hong (Means rainbow)
Age: 15
Birthday: April 3 1997 (Greet me)
Status: Available (Joke)
Ancestors: Pure Chinese
Residence: Philippines
Code name: Host
Catch Phrase: Stay tuned
Fav color: Black
Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, 5’2, (I will never mention my weight), tan skin, small eyes, broad shoulders
Likes: Volleyball, Sketching, reading, losing weight
Dislikes: Poems, ballet, rats, heights, irritating ppl

Reason why lite-rate-ture began

Since my reading has become an addiction I was inspired by a friend to start this blog, you can already guess that friend also has a blog of her own. Ever since then the story of lite-rate-ture has begun.

About my life
I just started my freshman year last 2013-2013, and I can’t wait for sophomore year! I study in a Catholic school with my friends and I’m the oldest in my batch which sucks! I currently have no bestfriend sad to say…:P My close friends are also bookworms. I have a cute puppy, but she’s not a puppy anymore, she also loves to read when I force her to sit on my books. :))I’m usually on the internet staring at my laptop into space or tweeting random shit. That’s about it. My life is boring but it secretly has many dramas.

About the blog
Lite-rate-ture was founded by, Chyna Ngie. Our birthday is on January 11, 2012. Please visit us here to hear more about our blogerversary giveaway! YAY! The name of the blog was actually named by my old partner, Jyra but since she’s not as passionate about books as I am. I refuse to work with her any longer so currently I am hunting for a new partner that will share her addiction with me. YAY!
Stay tuned

Chyna is out!


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